Friday, September 16, 2011

Electronic Music Beginner's Setup Guide

Okay, have a new page over on my new website.   It is a guide for those wanting to get started producing electronic music.  It is a bit long, let me tell you, feel no compunction to read it, but if you are just starting out, or wanted to know what it would take to get started.  Read that guide!

I'll give you a preview now:

You'll need COMPUTER --> DAW software --> AUDIO I/O --> MONITORS(speakers)

now add to that 10,000 words and you will get the picture!

Also, don't hesitate to tell a friend, +1 it, facebook it, tweet it, or write it on a note and keep it under your pillow.  Electronic Music Production beginner's setup guide.

Friday, September 9, 2011

An Article I Wrote

Here I go again! I've recently written an article, it is posted here: Mixing Fundamentals: Dynamic Range if anyone cares to read more of my warbling about dynamic range.  I would publish it here but I'm trying new things out.  Also there is a photo and a colon joke over there, might just be worth the click, I can't guarantee that.

Will be catching up with ch'all in just a few hours.  Slept 3 hours yesterday, and need a few more today!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Electronic Music Production

Hey producers!  Sorry I've been slow to post and comment, I've been working on a pretty big project.  I've been putting together electronic music production. Just coding everything on has been taking ages, so sorry if I've been scarce.  I'm about to get back on the blog horse.  If you don't mind hoping over there and taking a look around?  Any kind of feedback on the layout or general glitchyness would be greatly appreciated.

Also, plus one'ing, facebook liking, tweeting,  would be supremely (that is even more than greatly :) ) appreciated.  I'm trying to build a resource for young producers getting started with electronic music production (that I didn't have, but sorely needed) and anything that could help me spread the word would be very helpful.

Anyway, thanks again, you will be seeing me haunting the halls again soon, my friends!