Thursday, April 14, 2011

Which Daw Do Professional Producers Use?

Sorry for the general slowness of the posting the past couple of weeks. I've been contracted to produce a loop library for a very interesting and innovative product that I wish I could talk about, but I'm sworn to secrecy! When I can spill the beans, I will spill them all over your hot waiting chests (god I wish some of you were women!).

Okay, which daws do professional producers use? And largely limited to EDM, with an emphasis on dubstep. Please take this with a grain of salt, as this information may be either totally untrue, old and even when correct, it is likely that the artist's sound isn't strictly tied to the daw itself. Then again, it may be. Also, you may see a daw underrepresented in this list only because I either don't have the info, or the daw itself is new.  If you see a producers name listeded under two or more daws, it is because they may use them in conjunction.  Not an unheard of practice.

If you have any relevant info about which daw pro producers use, please put it in the comments and we'll get to the bottom of it.
  1. Ableton Live
    1. Jazzy Jeff
    2. Netsky
    3. Shlohmo
    4. Flying Lotus
    5. Bassnectar
    6. Borgore
    7. EPROM
    8. Current Value
    9. Blawan
    10. Martyn (performance only)
    11. Bok Bok
    12. Samiyam (rumor) 
  2. Cubase
    1. Excison
    2. Mistabishi
    3. Noisia
    4. Distance
    5. Pendulum
    6. Venetian Snares
  3. Fl Studio
    1. Skream
    2. Benga
    3. Dayn
    4. Feed Me
    5. Current Value
    6. Appleblim
    7. Ramadanman/Pearson Sound
    8. Pangaea
    9. Spor
    10. Mount Kimbie
  4. Logic
    1. Funtcase
    2. Skism
    3. CTRL Z
    4. Widdler
    5. Skream
    6. Benga
    7. Artwork
    8. Graphix
    9. Alix Perez
    10. Sabre
    11. Downlink
    12. Reso
    13. Datsik
    14. Torqux
    15. Jack Beats
    16. Joker
    17. Mala
    18. Martyn
    19. Breakage
  5. ProTools
    1. You thought 1 was the loneliest number, try 0!
  6. Reaper
    1. Soon Reaper, soon.
  7. Reason
    1. Funtcase
    2. Stagga
    3. Widdler
    4. Caspa
    5. L-wiz
    6. Fused Forces
    7. Koan Sound
    8. Coki
    9. Current Value
    10. Shackleton
    11. Jakes
  8. Renoise
    1. B-complex
    2. Venetian Snares
    3. Akira Keteshi (suspected!)

Again please remember that this list is for entertainment purposes only, and this is not intended as a factual statement (inside personal joke).  I don't think this should effect anyone's choice in which daw to use.  This is more idle train spotting.

And post in the comments if you've got any info, or if there are any mistakes in this list.


  1. Fruity loops is the one for me, simple interface and easy to learn with.

  2. i'd like to know about this too

  3. Haha, lol at Pro Tools... poor Pro Tools... if it's any consolation, there's about fifty garage bands within 2 miles of me right now that use it.

    And i have to use Pro Tools sometimes when i'm doing audio work for TV/Film/Mastering.

    Oh and i can't wait to have your hot beans on my chest.

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  5. I didn't actually realise so little users use Ableton and so many use FL and Logic. Actually puts quite a bit of perspective down.

    2 more FL users: Terror Danjah & Silkie

  6. Silkie and Kutz use FL Studio as well. I've read in a Borgore interview he uses Cubase. Yes Reaper.. soon!

  7. @Hayze - I don't think this is like a quantity = quality list. I know a lot of producers that use live. Maybe underrepresented in dubstep, maybe. Maybe live came into its own after the og heavy hitters got started in dubstep.

  8. interesting to see how many still use FL Studio, its what i'm starting out with

  9. Think that is a great place to start (and end!)

  10. i know its not dubstep but claude vonstroke is a reason user

  11. I read in an older interview that shlohmo uses reason for some synth sounds as well as ableton. Also speculation that Lotus uses logic aswell as Ableton.. But that's just speculation. Suprised to see Feed Me (Spor) uses FL studio!

  12. this post skipped me. interesting read. big up the FL Studio users!

  13. i thought that Jakes used logic?

  14. An example of what perseverance and Reason4 can do... Loki is a true master... (and i dont even like d&b)

  15. ^ Sounds mushy to me. hahahehehahahehe!

  16. Probably worth mentioning that practically all of Current Values sounds now come from the Nord Modular G2

  17. Also it's one other some people use is Sony acid

    Like Rusko and Fred v

  18. A big name that should have it's place here is Phaeleh, who uses Cubase.

    He says it all himself at a Q&A thread over at dubstepforum, which can be found here:

  19. well the most obvious is missing... Skrillex uses abelton. Porter robinson uses FlStudio and Zomboy uses logic as well.

  20. M-Phases use Reason.
    DJ Vadim Protools.
    9th wonder use FL Studio.

  21. Bassnectar has been always producing in reason just recently he switched to ableton.

  22. Deadmau5 and Skrillex both use Ableton. As well as Swedish House Mafia. And don't forget Porter Robinson on FL.

  23. Shocking is a cuebase guy & phetsta is fl
    And onto a little DnB smooth still uses FL 6!!!!!
    Logic is my thing but it is all personal pref
    And ohh deadmou5 use live cuebase & logic but mostly live and cuebase depends what sound he wants...
    And pendulum use neundo which is made by the same people that make cuebase but it's a little different...

  24. Shockone* is a cuebase guy.......

  25. Ima An Ableton & Cubase Person:), check out my tunes

  26. Excision uses Logic, Downlink rewires Reason into Logic so might be able to tick him of there as well.

  27. deadmau5 uses ableton and fl studio he produces his samples on fl studio. The number 1 dubstep psycho skrillex uses ableton.

  28. Xilent uses Cubase. Netsky uses Abelton.

  29. I can guarantee more than half of these producers use or have used Pro Tools.. They just dont produce with it because it has weird work flow... But for mixdowns, recording instruments or vocals it's the one to use. And personally I'm a logic and reason guy. Pro tools is industry standard.. Trust it's considered the best for a reason. It is for sure much better than fruityloops for mixdowns lol

  30. FL Studio totally has the best automation. I think that's why it's my favorite.

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  32. Fl studio is missing Skrillex and Porter Robinson.
    Ableton is missing The Glitch Mob, Deadmau5 and Draft Punk.
    Cubase is missing Justice and Xilent.
    Reason is missing Kill The Noise, Dj Lucky Date, SubVibe and Fonik
    Logic is missing Excision and Downlink.

    1. Skrillex only used Fl studio when he was starting out. He's completely mac based so he can't even run FL studio.
      If you wanna read more he talked about his set up in this interview.

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  34. Martin Garrix uses FL Studio, and Avicii does too sometimes

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