Friday, June 10, 2011

D16 Group Buy Best Deal EVER

Okay guys, I posted earlier about D16's group buy of their SilveLine plugins.

The group buy went all the way to the maximum, that means you get the full line for the price of one plugin. I cannot express how crazy of a good deal this is.

You get a Multiband Distortion, Tube Distortion, BitCrusher (more than a bit crusher, this is a vintage sampler emulation, al la MPC 60, SP-1200, and it sounds ace), Reverb, Chorus, and an incredible Phaser. I got the Phaser last, thinking why do I need a phaser, and it turns out it is one of the most unique plugs from the whole line.

Fazortran is a beast. It does relatively ordinary phasing, but it's got a very analog sound to it, a high fuzz that is very VERY rare in the plugin world. It also has the ability to pretty seriously mangle up your sound (in a really really really x3 more really's) good way.

Head over there and check it out for yourself. Cannot beat this deal for $55. Cannot. Beat. This. Deal.