Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cheap Killer Vst Plugins

Felt like I should spread the word. D16 makes some killer plugins, both instruments and fx and they currently have a group buy going where the more people that buy, the better the deal gets.

They're at the threshold of buy one plug for $56 get three free. Their silverline plugs are great quality, really have a unique sound. One of the best bit crushers, multiband distortions, and tube distortions out there, as well as very interesting reverb, chorus and phaser.

This runs until the 13th of June. This is a great opportunity to own some quality inspirational plugs at a great price.

footnote -> a lot of producers, especially young producers, look at the price of all of the software they use (illegally) and want, and think I can't afford all that. Well you can't if you want to buy it all at once, and at regular retail price. But slow down a little bit, and just wait for good deals to come along. This is a great deal and will give you some quality tools to work with, without messing up your computer, and without stealing from some guys with a lot of talent and love of music who've dedicated their lives to making tools for us.

Footnote to the footnote -> I'm a cheap bastard, almost every piece of hardware and software I own, I've gotten through some type of deal, used, majorly discounted, whatever.

Over time, honestly, you will build up an arsenal of creative tools, I swear it!


  1. thats relatively cheap. i usually look for yt clips for quality

  2. yep this is cheap! thanks for sharing

  3. If I knew next to anything about production I think this is how i'd go about collecting tools for creating music. There's such a massive library of stuff out there and some of it's so expensive. Finding deals like this seems like a much more sensible way of getting the same tools for an acceptable price.

  4. your really great mmmm